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The can making company SALONICA CAN was founded in 1968 by EVST. DOUKIANOS in Evosmos Thessaloniki in order to produce tinplate generic cartridges. From 1992 since now the company has been directed by VASILEIOS DOUKIANOS. The company has two generations experience in the production of tinplate packaging (cylindrical and square containers).

The SALONICA CAN company relocated in 2007 to new modern facilities 10000 m2 in VIPA NEOCHOROUDAS THESSALONIKI, in where operates since today

  • The SALONICA CAN factory has modern equipments.
  • The press and Accessories section is equipped with automatic and semi-automatic presses that produce all the necessary components of the containers (insoles, washers, caps, ears etc.).
  • The Box Manufacturing section has 8 automatic and semi-automatic production lines for the manufaction of cylindrical, square and rectangular tinplate containers.
  • The Quality Control department is equipped with all instruments and control devices that are necessary to ensure the quality and continuous improvement of the containers.
  • The primary objective of SALONICA CAN has always been the high quality of the container, the coverage of the market needs and the immediate customer service.
  • The achievements of these objectives has established SALONICA CAN as one of the most trustworthy companies in the field of tinplate can packaging industry and they contributed to its upward trend.